Product Profile
  • Hot & Dusty air enters the unit through perforated filter plate.
  • Fan assembly performs the dual function of blowing air & atomizing water.
  • Water at contstant pressure is admitted at the center of the Fan.
  • Water travels on Guide disc through the holes in the fan hub.
  • Due to centrifugal force, the water on the Guide Disc strikes the Atomizer Grid with great impact where the water layer is broken into the fine mist.
  • The mist mingles with the air produced by the fan & spreads out uniformly into the room.
  • Surplus unatomized water is drained out.
Ginning Units.
Storage Halls.
Blow Rooms .
Reeling Departments.
Weaving Departments.
Yarn Conditioning Sections.
Paper & Pulp Mills.
Tea & Tobacco Industries.
Green House & Nurseries.
   Technical Specification
Dimensions 425mm X 422mm X 515mm
Weight 15 Kgs
Air Circulation 1700 cu.m/Hr.
Water Consumtion 40 lit/Hr. max.
Power Consumption 350 Watts.
Electrical Connections 230 V 50 Hz AC
   Salient Features
Corrosion Proof Construction.
Low Power Consumption (350 Watts).
Compact Heavy Duty Design.
Light Weight & Portable.
Easy To Install & Maintain.
Low Initial Cost.
100% Factory Assembled.